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Based in New York City, Dentravel has been successfully guiding American patients in receiving dental care services of international standards at extremely affordable rates. By partnering with a variety of premium dental facilities all over Central and Eastern Europe and Turkey, we work with internationally-reputable dentists who are true professionals in their fields. All our partner dental facilities comply by international standards and use premium-quality equipment and high-quality materials. We have a 5-year warranty to the dental services provided by our dentists.

Dentravel is a reliable partner, which facilitates American patients’ lives by providing international-standard dental care accompanied with travel to unique tourist destinations; however, still cheaper than your family dentist! The prices are extremely affordable – a fraction of the cost of American dental care –while the booking procedure is very simple and involves a fast treatment policy with no waiting lists

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Why Turkey?

An heavyweight in international dental tourism, Turkey is home to first-class facilities all over the country that also provide super-affordable dental implants.  Studies have revealed a success rate of greater than 97% for the procedure, using the most advanced and sophisticated oral surgery technology available, in clinics that routinely rate among the best in Europe.

Materials & Equipment

In addition to best medical staff, we are working with clinics that posses world standard equipment and facilities.

With our 5-year warranty policy, we guarantee satisfaction. We are proud of our track record; please, read happy customer testimonials to see what our clients think of us.

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Our friendly staff will help you during the whole process, including booking, travel, hospitality and dental care. You can always contact our staff at our 24/7 patient support services.

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